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One of the best flash games Ive ever played. It is very fun and addicting. And coming from me, that is good, because I really do not like flash games. =D

And, did i hear some Descent sounds in there? =o

5/5 (+ 0.00020)

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Of course we will use it! :D Although, im not sure how it will tie in with the story. Maybe we could use it for the demo level. I can see it already.. :)

And, im not quite sure about the beginning. 00:00-00:41 Something is missing, but I cannot explain what.

I see you added louder robot sounds like I reccommended near 4:00, nice touch. :D But, some of the Blips and Bleeps are a bit too harsh in my opinion, maybe tone them down a little? (Not much)

9/10 Nice work. :D
5/5 (+ 0.35)

nightsurfermusic responds:

Yeah, the quality on this version is pretty low, somewhere around 160kbps. Any higher would go above the 8 minute limit, so some things may sound a little more harsh that usual. I'll see if I can fix it up though.

Simply the best Trance Song I've heard.

Im not joking, this is really awesome. Im not just saying this because im your friend, but this is simply the best trance song I've heard. Ever.

All the sounds are perfect. I even see you changed that sound I was talking about in my last review. It sounds much better now.

All of the drums sound nice, and the beat isnt generic either. Just the way I like it.

Definately Proffessional, this should be the first song on your CD if you ever make one, a very good opening. :D

5/5 +0.11

nightsurfermusic responds:

Why thank you sir. I take reviews to heart, and I change things that people don't like. :D

Sounds Proffesional!

This is really great! I know you have not seen a review from me in a while, but its worth it, I've been learning my stuff. ;)

But yea, all of the sounds are perfect, and sound proffesional. I really like that crash sound in the backround, its something similar I'd like for my songs in the future. :P
It actually loops quite well, but I dont think its supposed to loop. :P

Although, something about the (Bass?) that comes in at 0:007 needs to be changed. I dont know, it works really well throughout the rest of the song. Maybe it just comes in too soon?

nightsurfermusic responds:

That bass is actually layered. What I might be able to do is just use one part of the layer, to make it quieter. Thanks for reviewing bud!

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This is awesome. I didnt really notice how great of an artist you were. (Since ive never seen any of your arts.) But yea, this is great.

Have a 10.

ErikMcClure responds:

I don't usually draw things in the first place :P I'm glad you like it :3


Awesome detail. I approve. ;)

But it seems the pose is too solid, if you are conveying that your/his heart is broken.

But anyway, nice.

Have a 9.

ErikMcClure responds:

Yeah I suck at poses, I'm much better with coloring and backgrounds.


It looks nice, but why the wireframe view? D:


Warning: I bite. :V Likes: Trance, House, Techno, New Wave, Ambient, Gaming, and Modelling. Hi BTW.

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